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The Best Chapter.

As a storyteller it’s pretty easy to view your life as chapters in a book. For me the title of some of those chapters come quickly to mind: Growing Up, High School, Baseball, San Diego State, The Real World, Married with Children, Sports Illustrated, ABC News, CBS Sports, Real Sports, CBS News, 60 Minutes and 60 Minutes Sports. And now as one page turns to another … I’m thrilled to announce what I fully believe will be the best chapter of my professional life: Anchor and Executive Producer for The Athletic.

For those who have enjoyed my reporting over the years, The Athletic will become the exclusive home for all my work — investigative, enterprise, interviews and otherwise. That’s the anchor side of the equation. As one of three executive producers, I plan to put all my storytelling skills and experience into play to help shape the voice and vision of the video platform — set to launch in the spring of 2019. It’s a job, at this stage of my life, that perfectly suits my frame of mind and desire to give back to the profession I hold so dear: creating content; hiring the best in the business and giving them the freedom, flexibility and financial backing to create stories that cut through the digital din, all the while integrating The Athletic’s extraordinary array of writers into the mix.

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